Celenga Superior Studio Apartment

Interior of Superior Studio Apartment at Celenga Apartments
Kitchen in Superior Studio Apartment at Celenga Apartments
Interior of Celenga Superior Studio Apartment with Queen bed
Kitchen & dining area in Celenga Superior Studio Apartment
Bathroom vanity & mirror in Celenga Studio Superior Apartment


We have named our apartments after
the main Dubrovnik fortresses, which have preserved freedom 
in Dubrovnik for centuries:

Minčeta - the most dominating fortress of the city fortification system,

Lovrijenac - built after a warning from Saint Blaise about the possibility 
of an attack by the Venetians and one of the filming locations for the HBO series Game of Thrones, 

Revelin - a large self standing fortress today used as a night club, conference centre 
and exhibition area,

Bokar - a fortress overlooking a beautiful small cove and Lovrijenac fortress,

St. John - this fortress today houses the Aquarium and Naval Museum.